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Every day, hundreds and thousands of people begin a journey to pursue and turn their favorite hobby into an all-time professional job that ends up holding an important value in the employment field. 

Whether it be painting, knitting, fashion, acting, or bakery; they all carry a very fun, different, and distinctive taste in the industry. 

Another such unique hobby that can turn into an exciting competent business opportunity is; Soap making! 

A large ratio of people all over the country have turned their hobbies of making soaps into an actual qualified business job with potential profit, and are looking for further beneficial opportunities to motivate and promote their businesses so they inspire more people to turn their passion into a profitable and fun profession!

Our experienced team bustling with skilled and talented professionals at Craft Tree Academy has the door of opportunity wide open to welcome and assist you by channeling your hobbies into your dream career! 




Soap, in general, is entirely created upon mixing oils and fats with water base and have any kind of preferred fragrance or essential oil mixed in it as per one’s desire.

Making your own soap can be done completely from scratch itself if you have the right ingredients and the products as well as the skill and experience necessary to do so. 

Making soap on your own does not only protect the environment and people from toxic chemical release but also gives you access to explore your creative potentiality and unique understanding. 





Our soap making courses start altogether with creativity and efficiency. We first begin by introducing to our pupils the basic concepts and techniques of soap making. 

This includes; digging into the foundation of what soap making is and how it works, learning to make soap from scratch, teaching to mix up ingredients such as lye to produce soap, what materials and methods to use without damaging the environment with toxins, and what chemical is essentially considered harmless and is perfect for long preservation purposes. 

We have skilfully distributed this course into different levels and categories so our students can learn from all aspects and walk through every step of the process of their soap making journey without leaving any trace of doubts in their mind. 

We gradually navigate from teaching basics to an understandable version of the creative spectrum both theoretically and practically so you create something that comes straight out of your unique mind palace and put it right to work! 

Our team of professional and experienced experts are here to be your pillar of support and to guide you through the process and challenges you face so in the end, you leave with a skilled and motivated mindset and are confident enough to mould your hobby into a career for the world to witness! 





Like some other hobbies, soap making holds a unique and divergent effect in the business industry but never a negative one. There is always a way of positive marketing if one is good and credulous at something that has beneficial potentiality. 

Thousands of people start their own business of making products from scratch unbeknownst to the basics of value creation, and in economic production, if it is not the best, it gradually loses its appeal and value in the market overtime. 

We are here to ensure to never let you be tangled in the same situation. Learning and understanding the basics of what you are creating so as to be able to put it out in the market and have positive profit as well as feedback from it is what we prepare our students for. 

Our team makes it their responsibility to teach our students about their field of passion and to work on it ethically and efficiently, we always strive to broaden their knowledge and learning experience theoretically, practically, and professionally so they are wholeheartedly involved into their creation and most of all are confident enough to make it their professional career in the future. 





Our institute is not only dedicated to helping students learn about their passion more but we are just as thrilled to be able to assist them into turning something they love into their dream career. 

We are proud to have a committed team of professionals working with us, with years of experience and dedication and exquisite crafty and artistic ability to deliver exceptional results. 

Our team of experts are passionate enough to get the chance to be able to impart their best expertise and knowledge on their students that are striving for success in the same field. 

They are here to inspire, support, and provide guidance at every step of your learning and career-making journey. 


1. Our organisation is committed to providing you an all-rounder course practically and theoretically that helps you with your development as well as assists in achieving your passion and professional goals. 


2. We sharpen and shape your skills to better improvement so you use your creativity and awareness to build your place in the world. 


3. We are proud to have almost every industrial and marketing expert recruited to us as our teachers so they impart to you only the best and most effective learning experience possible.


4. We are committed to not only improving your passion expertise but are also willing to make your dream career come true by guiding you through the process of how to market a business product and make a successful profit off of it. 


5. Your comfortability is our priority and for that we make sure to provide one at a time as well as small batches of course classes to our students as per their convenience. 

Craft Tree Academy solely is derived by the utmost purpose of inspiring their students, young and old, to put their creativity out in the world, to grow more, know more, inspire more, and build a community of their passions and interests. 


We are dedicated to helping our students realise their potentiality in their work, one step at a time, with full access to uniqueness and understanding as they receive positive support from our professional team of experienced teachers. Our motive is to help you turn your passion hobby into a dream job! 

We aspire to inspire.



Q1. What acid is used in soap?

The common ones we use in soap-making are lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.


Q2.What is the soap-making formula?

C17H35COO- with a metal cation, either Na+ or K+, is the precise chemical formula. Sodium stearate is the last molecule, which is a form of salt.


Q3.What is soap's pH level?

The pH of the soaps is between 9 and 10. The pH of the majority of shampoos is in the range of 6-7. Conclusions.


Q4.What exactly is pure soap?

Pure Soap Flakes are small, transparent, crystal-like, silky flakes of food-grade Castile soap concentration saponified from a proprietary blend of organic coconut and Smude Sunflower Seed oils.


Q5.Is soap making course a professional course?

is. If you do the soap making course in a proper way from an ISO certified center


Q6. Will We be able to start our own business after completing this soap making course?

You can start your own firm in this field if you have a strong understanding of soap-producing chemicals.


Q7.Where can we learn a good soap making course?

If you want to do this course at any higher level then you can do this course from Craft Tree Academy which is ISO certified training center in Delhi


Q8.Why did you choose Craft Tree Academy for Soap Making Course?

Since Craft Tree Academy has highly experienced consultants who will teach you the complete techniques of soap making, also Craft Tree Academy is in this industry since 2005 and also has an ISO-certified center. It provides you with offline online courses and also gives you a certificate after the completion of the course.


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