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Learn Skin care cosmetics, Candle making, Chocolate making course

The biggest challenge in life is to find your passion. If you are looking for what makes you feel alive, then we are the people to talk to. We offer courses on all handmade crafts that can help you explore your creativity and unleash the artist inside you! From Color cosmetics, soap making, candle making, and chocolate making to sewing, knitting, crocheting and much more. Join the Craft Tree Academy today and get the support you


Skin care cosmetic making course

Most of us want to look good and feel confident about ourselves. One of the ways to boost our confidence is by taking a skin care cosmetic course. This course is perfect for you whether you want to make your own cosmetics or learn more about them. You can enroll in this course and learn from scratch, or build on your existing knowledge.

Which types of skin care cosmetic course are available?

  •  Face wash, hand gel, and bath gel making course
  • Hair serum and face serum making course
  • Shampoo making and conditioner making course
  • Cream making course
  • Lotion making course
  • Body yogurt-making course
  • Face pack-making course


Soap making course

There are many benefits to knowing how to make soap. Aside from it being cheaper, you can get creative with the scents and colors. You'll also have full control over the final product and be able to experiment with new recipes. The time commitment is minimal and you will be able to make a variety of soaps such as bath bombs, lotions, and more!

Parts of Soap making courses

  • Soap base making course
  • Professional Melt & Pour soap making course
  • Advanced Melt & Pour soap making course
  • Cold Process soap making course
  •  Detergent making course
  •  Professional detergent-making course


Candle making course

If you've ever wanted to know how to make candles, but didn't have time or money to invest in a class, this is the course for you. Our offline and online video course teaches you the basics to advance of candle making and gives you great ideas for making your own fragrance candles.

Which types of candle you will learn in this candle making course

  •   Scented Candles
  • Towering Candles
  • Ice Candle
  • Professional candle making course
  • Advanced candle making course
  • Glass tumbler candles


Chocolate making course

Chocolate making course is perfect for anyone who wants to explore ancient art and create delicious, handmade chocolate on their own. You'll get hands-on training from a professional, online-offline course that will teach you how to make all the chocolate from scratch from cocoa beans to the finished products.

Our most sought Chocolate making courses includes the following:

  • Chocolate making course
  • Professional Chocolate making course
  • Advanced Chocolate making course
  • Bean to Bar Chocolate making course