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 Professional Candle Making Courses in Delhi – Candle making courses online 


Candle has always been a symbol of light, hope and happiness. Be it a birthday party, festivities or a romantic dinner the candle has always seen a great demand. The art of candle making is something which has been passed from generation to generations. The shape, structure and mold of candle has been evolving with time. At Craft Tree Academy we feel privileged to pass the skill and talent of candle making to public at large. Our Professional candle making courses are developed in a manner so as to provide students and hobby enthusiast a comprehensive look into the art of candle making.
At our candle making courses students are taught the skill and art to prepare a diverse category of candle making ranging from decorative candles to scented candles. 


Types of Candle making courses


With the passing of time the shape, size and color of candle has also been evolving. As of now there is a high demand of scented candles and decorative candles all over the world. In Europe alone candle is the second most gifted item and India remains one of the top exporters of candle making. You too can be a part of the candle exporter market after completing your candle making classes from Craft Tree Academy.
Few of the most sought candle making courses are as follows:

  •    Scented Candles
  •   Towering Candles
  •   Ice Candle
  •    Professional candle making course
  •     Advanced candle making course
  •    Glass tumbler candles

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