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Skin Care Cosmetic

Skin Care Cosmetic

23-Mar 2022

Skin Care Cosmetic Making Courses

The importance of healthy and nourished skin is something that every individual is aware of and wants to have. With wide spread air pollution and the presence of toxic chemicals in skin care products, are increasingly making skin conditions worsening.  Good and healthy skin needs proper care, nutrition, and products which are free from toxic chemicals. Apart from that since skin care products are regularly used products, therefore it becomes important that the price are not too heavy on your pocket.
What if we tell you that we might have just what you need. A recipe of skin care products that is both healthy and pocket friendly. Yes, you heard that right, today we are going to open the secret for you. You can make your own skin care cosmetic cream right from your home and we bet you that it is going to be much more beneficial and healthy than what you buy from the market. You can join skin care cosmetic making courses at Craft Tree Academy in Delhi and learn the art of making healthy and organic skin care cosmetics making from the experts.

After the successful completion of the skin care cosmetic courses from Craft Tree Academy, you will be able to prepare and market your own brand of skin care and cosmetics cream. Our skin care cosmetic courses at Craft Tree Academy are designed to give proper training and skills to students with comprehensive instruction beginning with a fundamental comprehension of the various cosmetic items. You can be a professional in the cosmetic industry after completing the course from Craft Tree Academy.

Types of skin care cosmetic courses provided by Craft Tree Academy are as follows:

  • Cream making courses

  • Lotion making courses

  • Body yogurt making course

  • Face pack making course

  • Scrub and polisher making course

  • Gel making course

  • Face serum making course


 Theory part of skin care cosmetic making course includes: 

  • Acquainting learners with cosmetic grade colors

  •  Intro to skin safe fragrances

  •  Difference between cosmetic colors and food colors

  •  Knowledge about herbal ingredients

  •  Difference between essence & perfume & essential oil

  •  Using of skin care equipment

Contact us:-   (+91)-9643792145  now to get complete details of the courses being offered at the Craft Tree Academy training center. Put your best effort into your cosmetic-making classes and watch your career being transformed into a professional.